22KW Wall Mounted EV charging station wall box 22kw with RFID function ev charger


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Works with most electric vehicles, the EVSE is compatible with all plug-in EVs, which include Nissan LEAF, BMW i series, Chevy Volt, Chevy Bolt, Fiat 500e, Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Focus Electric, Ford Fusion Energi and more.
Equipped with intelligent temperature control chip, the EV charger can avoid the risk of danger when the temperature is too high.
If the temperature exceeds the normal value, the output current will be reduced or the charging will be stopped to ensure that there will be no accidents due to overheating. After the temperature fall back to the normal value, charging will restart.

Product Features

Material: ABS
Power: 22KW
Voltage: 220V
Power:3.6kW , 7.2kW , 11kW , 22kW
Cable Length:6.1m
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+55℃
IP Rating: IP 66

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Item 22KW AC EV Charger Station
Rated Current 32Amp
Operation Voltage  AC 250V Single Phase
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Leakage Protection Type B RCD / RCCB 30mA
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Status Indication LED Status Indicator
Function RFID Card
Atmospheric Pressure 80KPA ~ 110KPA
Relative Humidity 5%~95%
Operating Temperature -30°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+70°C
Protection Degree IP55
Dimensions 350mm (L) X 215mm (W) X 110mm (H)
Weight 7.0 KG
Standard IEC 61851-1:2010       EN 61851-1:2011
IEC 61851-22:2002    EN 61851-22:2002
Certification TUV,CE Approved
Protection 1.Over and under frequency protection

2. Over Current Protection

3.Leakage Current Protection (restart recover

4. Over Temperature Protection

5.Overload protection (self-checking recover)

6. Ground Protection and Short circuit protection

7.Over voltage and under-voltage protection

8. Lighting Protection


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22KW EVSE Wallbox
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22kW EV Charger Station
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22KW Wallbox with Socket
22KW Wallbox With Type 2

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