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Shanghai Nobi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a proud leader of EV charging solution, our philosophy is Affordable, Cleaner, Greener. Our products get the certificate of CE, TUV, etc. We also provide OEM&ODM for our partners. Our EV supply equipment are widely used in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia etc.

We launched with a mission to fill the need of electric vehicle drivers to recharge their cars quickly at home and while traveling, by offering an assortment of unique and innovative plug adapters. Since then, we have expanded to offer EV chargers and various adapters for professionals and other applications. As consultants, our clients come first. We are free to find the system right for your needs and budget. We’re always striving to be on the cutting edge of innovation by offering unique adapters at affordable prices to make life easier.

The Future is on, join us, grow with us, shape a sustainable future of transportation which’s better for everyone.

Our culture is supported by 5 main values - always at the core of everything we do.

1.  Commitment: We are consistent with those decisions we make and responsible for the actions we take until we achieve the goal.
2.  Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations. Our actions are fast and concrete. We focus on offering, day by day, our maximum potential.
3.  Innovation: Our technology, processes, and products are designed to make things simple, focus on the user, and demonstrate that design is not a luxury.
4.  Passion: Empathy, humanity, and courage are important to us. We are genuinely motivated by what we do and our impact on the environment and the world of sustainable mobility.
5.  Self-Demand: We cultivate resilience to the challenges we try to solve; we practice self-leadership to remain excellent in any situation, we always pursue continuous improvement.


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Looking For An OEM/ODM Partner?

OEM includes color, length, logo, packaging, etc.
ODM includes product appearance design,
function setting, new product development, etc.

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